Dry drilling of reinforced concrete

The presentation of the Diamond Hit Technology

Innovative technology

Dry drilling of reinforced concrete

Diamond Hit — the system of dry diamond core drilling of reinforced concrete with micro percussion.

A special diamond core bit developed and manufactured by Delta plant, Adel group of companies, with special segments able to withstand the impact load and the high temperature.

Machines and tools

Kit for dry drilling of reinforced concrete

  • Drill machine with micro percussion
  • Diamond core bit – Diamond Hit
  • A vacuum cleaner to remove the dust when drilling dry

Speed and lifetime

Unique characteristics of Diamond Hit сore bits

The average rate of drilling of reinforced concrete with rebar 16 mm — 20-30 mm/min.

Average lifetime of a Diamond Hit core bit — 4-8 meters.

The drilling speed and the lifetime of the сore bit depend on the correct selection of the set of equipment, the diameter of the сore bit, the diameter of the reinforcement and the experience of the operator.

You can buy machines, Diamond Hit сore bits and accessories, get more information and become a dealer by contacting Adel group of companies